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Look fresh in that watery winter sun in your I AM HOPE cap. White logo on a black cap. Sweet.

Wearing your I AM HOPE gear

Sometimes the one thing we need most of all is someone who'll listen without judgement.

When you wear your I AM HOPE Cap, you're telling your friends that you're there for them. That you'll take the time to listen to them. That you won't judge them. And that you'll support them if they want to go to a teacher, counsellor or someone else for help. When you wear your I AM HOPE Cap, you're promising that:

I will not judge
I will not shame
I will not anger or inflame
I will not gossip or react
I AM HOPE - I've got your back

Now go out there and spread that kindness everywhere!

Please note:

All profits from I AM HOPE products go to The Key to Life Charitable Trust to help us keep the lights on.